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Breeding Stock was formed in Seattle, WA, in 2005.  The music can be described along the Metal, Rock, Art Rock, Progressive genre(s), and has the following qualities: Heavy, dark, and familiar, with complex time signatures or rhythms.  The band is active in the greater Seattle area and is in the studio working on new music.  Stay plugged in and visit for much more fun to come.

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Raised by wolves near the cavernous tomes of the triad in the Pasayten Wilderness, Breeding Stock peered into the selfless projected longing that brought us to the inter-universal kinship of man. More often than naught, dreams plague us of peace into visions of what is to be known as the final step to first thread of the last lustily sought after key to the pieces of time that form the mere fabric of the beginning. With that ever so present in the form of conscious meandering which pulls us all together, the inner most feverishly raw pieces of the puzzle fall down into a paradigm of was and is not worth mentioning. So why teach the student the true price of blood, when the maniacal fingers of flaking withered arms fill the mind with empty wishful promises? Well if you want to fight the religious holy war that skins the listener”s knees, then swim away through those veins and find what you will.

Thinking of you, he treads softly and talks to those who can stop screaming long enough to hear what moistens their mouths. Look inside and listen to the new found voice of patience and follow your heart to the wish that brought you here. The pages are turning. Can you keep up? Push on and take fill to your questions with answers that put away the leaks of scientific worry. There is time, so it is time. The stone has been cast, yet the mystery is unsolved. Let rise to the flames of inspiration that started it all and dance to the melody as it echoes throughout existence.

…and so, there”s a needle in a hay stack that uncovers the secrets of life. Sure you can flip a coin and find the righteous, but are you willing to step in that cow pie? The mystery of this madness is, the harem is beckoning we saints into a dark happiness within. The powers of the multi-layered system that controls the end is near. Can you decipher one madness from the next? Meanwhile an 18 ton consciousness is separating the good from the bad, while an oversized line of thought pierces through the side of it all. Sure, we can go into the rotating spectrum without judgment, but is it worth it? The negative connotations alone are enough to drum the next pulsing chorus into the supposed safe center. If one and one can”t make three, then why bother? We try to enter in the place of holy heavenly peace, but the waves of preaching social guts push that down a notch. Wince forth we ride, to cut their fat away, with knives of sanity. Why not make the final step onto the path of self destruction? Why not kick the children”s peace, so we can purge a black heart? I say we pull forth the guns of righteousness and teach them all. The morrow will unsheathe the justice in which they seek.

/// Current members ///


Aaron Reed

functions: Singer, Guitar Riff Writer, Rhythm Guitarist, lead dolphin rider…

I tell you nothing but the truth. I face no one but myself. I place myself upon you, and you are left with knowledge of no one. I hope you find yourself and notice what it takes to live. Give up, impress your friends, and be a repetitive influence. Distraught. Motionless. I tempt you to think, and touch your potential.


Don Nienau

functions: Drummer/Percussionist, Smash! SMASH! SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!

Your tempting senselessness is enough to satisfy this moment.  I hope you see what you are.  I too am intrigued.  You are what this generation of humans needs, to seek higher intelligence.  Kick, push, scream, hear, do what it takes to feel something new.  Tell me when you arrive somewhere peaceful and I will understand your disposition.


Gus Benson

functions: Lead Guitarist, Photography, contract killer, didgeridoo player, and good at cooking BBQ.

I have lived, struggled, and found nothing but a repeating heart beat forever.  I have found something familiar that consistently drills away at endless, rhythm-less sleep.  I fight for a chance to be hated, heard and loved.  Trespass with me into unexplored territory.  I trust you.  Be a friend and persist with me.

Nick Merryman

functions: Bass guitar, backup vocals, mixing, eater of red peppers, cage fighter…

Honestly, I dig until something hurts and then I derive music from that emotion.  The sense I get from exacting my thoughts, my truest feelings, transcend music into media that makes sense to me.  If you could compress all of your love and all of your life into a flat stone and skip it across a sea of unmoving struggle, you would find what it takes to survive.

/// Former members ///

Steven Dyer

function: Bass & backup vocals


Alex Kremer

function: Lead Guitar


Kris Lahd

function: Lead Guitar

Ryan Hankins

function: Bass guitar

Kevin O’Brien – Rest in peace bro!

function: Lead Guitarist


Garrett Richardson – Rest in peace bro!

function: Former Drummer/Percussionist


/// Former Band name ///

Fistful of Britney




music for your butt…

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